January 22nd, 2007


What anime?

I've watched a blizzard of anime, mostly thanks to my back reacting badly to a broken pair of shoes. There's still lots to get through, but I've some really good stuff at the moment.

What's keeping me sane on the bus home is Eureka Seven (Thanks Goliath). Surprisingly catchy theme tune and an anime with rollerskating robots that also surf. It's completely serious though.

What's completely brilliant is Negima?!. It's much better than the manga, as the creator had to convince his editors that he could do something other than a harem comedy, so it takes a while to get onto the track he wants. The anime starts as an action adventure and there are no sneezes that expose girl's panties or rip off their clothes. The style is also different and beautiful. I like how the historical flashbacks to the thousand master are done completly differently and stylised and also love the class president's hair. The outlines are done in a darker yellow, rather than black and it stands out.

I'm also watching every episode of Saiunkoku Monogatari as it comes out. It's set in Medieval China and is about a girl who really wants to become a government official so that she can help the people and stop another crisis happening, like the one ten years ago that killed a lot of people. It's a story where nothing is as it first appears. NOTHING. If you think you know what's going on, you're wrong. Also, everyone's name either begins with S or K, get used to it.

I've started School Rumble. (Thanks again Goliath). I'm mad about Harima. He looks way older than the rest of his class, but it's mainly the facial hair. Oh wait, what's it about? Well, a girl likes a very strange guy and a second guy likes the first girl. Both of the people with crushes are trying to tell the other how they feel. And the second guy is a teenage delinquent who everyone else is afraid of, but he has great facial hair.

Ouran Host Club is not just for screaming fangirls, although it has a lot of them in it. It doesn't have a conclusive ending, I guess that they're going for a second season, but it is very funny. Host Club = guys entertain bored rich girls, by paying attention to them, telling them that they're beautiful, by acting like a child, by saying nothing, by being evil, by pretending to be involved in an incestuous relationship with their twin brother, ordinary stuff. Story = girl has to pretend to be a guy and join the host club in order to pay off massive debt.

That's what I'm watching, although I see that they've made an anime of Nodame Cantabile. It seems to stick to the manga storyline, so far, but it's bound to be better with music, right?