April 5th, 2007


The first inaugral boardgames night

I have a thing about games. I go to cons and just buy them, but I don't often get the chance to play them. Games are fun, games are cool, so I spend money on them rather than roleplaying games and cards.

I am slightly inebriated.

Anyhow, having bought Black Robed One Trivial Pursuit for Valentines Day, he invited his sister and Cian over to play. We had to delay by a week, so just now, myself, Black Robed One and his sister played.

Trivial Pursuit is usually a game where you roll a dice, listen to questions that are appallingly hard and try to land on a wedge square. When you land on a wedge square, you listen really hard to the question and try to wheedle hints out of the person holding the question card.

There is a theory that once something is successfully done, it becomes easier for others to accomplish. It seems that lots of people are playing Trivial Pursuit as several of us were able to answer two or more questions in a row! In the end, I won and Cian lost terribly. He didn't answer a single question.