April 26th, 2007

Shuurei want

It's thursday, so I should have loot, right?

Thursday is the day that I usually traipse down to the local comic book shop and check out the goodies. Well, today there were no manga - although the bottom shelf looked rifled and bare - but there was a new issue of Dork Tower, so that was good.

Upstairs, however, I came across a stash of plushies. I've never seen any for sale before and while there are few series represented, the plushies themselves look good, although as the shop has a horrendous mark-up, they're probably too expensive. There are characters from Naruto, Bleach and Super Mario, as well as some I didn't recognise. There's an awesomely cute Sasuke, covered in the curse, and a cool Iruka, as well as a dahing Renji and a really sweet evil sand guy.

I picked up a Kakashi and have just rescued him from his packaging. He has a little headband, which is sewn on, but when you lift it up, the sharingan eye is detailed, as well as a little embroidered scar. <3.

The mask is unremoveable.

On the way home, I stopped off in Argos, to check the price there of a DS game. The catalogue opened on the wii, so for some reason I typed the code in. They had six. I thought that there weren't any available in Ireland, yadda yadda, put your name down, twenty people on the list, yadda yadda, text when available, but maybe Argos doesn't reserve them?

I was looking forward to playing Graham at the tank game, but I've just realised that there's only one nunchuck (wii play doesn't come iwht one of those, apparently, just the remote).

Ah well.

If you want a wii, they're available again. 5 in Argos in the Ilac Centre, anyway.