June 26th, 2007


Worky work work

I'd like to be able to go home now. The Paymaster General's Office has been making things "challenging" for us, by demanding we follow a new and ill defined method of banking with them. Getting our heads around it has taxed absolutely everyone, but right about now, I think that we get it and I think that I understand better how the accounts system works now.

This would be a pain on its own, but the fallout from new computer spree is still affecting me. Everyone in the room was given new, fancier, unneccessary upgrades and once the computers were installed, they didn't work. Most of the problems have been fixed, but one single programme refuses to work for me.

One single programme that I use a lot and that requires much thinking when its used. I get to move to the one computer that the programme works on, when I need to use it - which has no phone, and a little privacy, so it's not too big of a hardship if I've a lot to do. However, if it's only one tiny adjustment and I have to boot up another PC?

The poor IT guy is back and forth with it, which boots me off my new PC. I was logged in at it a few minutes ago. Shut down and then had to log in again. It's not a good idea to leave the PC logged in.