July 2nd, 2007

Shuurei want

Six Months?

I'm like, totally gay for the Doctor right now. Black_Robed_One is constantly playing Voodoo Child (Here come the drums) on his computer, which reminds me how hot the Master is too.

Basically, I am going to watch the new episodes that I missed first time round and then scour the internet for old Doctor Who. I'm starting with the Patrick Troughton stuff, partly because there isn't as much of it and also because of the Five Doctors.

The Second Doctor doesn't look like much in his pictures: the hair looks like a wig and he was supposed to be the "young doctor" to William Hartnell, when, to me, he still looked like he rode the buses for free(when Peter Davison was what I would consider a "Young Doctor"). The title "Intergalatic Hobo" didn't endear him to me either.

But then I saw The Five Doctors and he was really good. I think it was the fact that he wore a bulky fur coat and then tied it with a piece of string. All the doctors were good in their own way and it could have been the knowledge that Patrick Troughton was the deleted doctor - most of his episodes were wiped by the BBC and they're trying to restore footage taped by fans, or sold to other countries, but there are still huge gaps.

I guess that Doctor Who really didn't start with Peter Davison (Tom Baker for all you kids who watched repeats and old fogies who watched the series when it aired originally). Wait, edit. Older fogies.

Read too much Doctor stuff on wikipedia. Just enough to realise that I've no idea what the name of the episode that I thought was about the "Sea Devils" actually was called, or which Doctor starred in it. I had thought that it was Peter Davison. Anyway, this was the episode that scared the pants off me when I was wee and ineligible to even vote on You're a Star(Irish Pop Idol). I remember the end, when monsters rose up from the sea and ignored this one soldier who was reading his bible, but killed the priest in the church because he didn't have true faith. Since I probably didn't have true faith either, they would totally have eaten me.

How old must I have been, to realise that? I can't see Sylvester McCoy running away from them in my head though.