August 17th, 2007

smiling Reishin

State of play

I like being away from home. Sleeping in until all hours is good, although sleeping two people comfortably in a one person bed isn't like riding a bike, it takes practise.

I visited the Camden Market yesterday, which was awesome. I even came back with monies in my pocketses, which might be because I didn't stay more than three hours. My feet get sore if I stand still, constant movement is the key. Also, vigilance.

I have gotten no crafting done and the wire is calling from my bag. In my defence, I totally forgot to bring my knitting - this scarf has been on the go for what, two years now. It's almost halfway done!; also, I did fix two buttons (only one so far, but it'll be two by the time I get home) and hem a pair of trousers. It's been ages since I stitched anything beyond a button, but the stitches are mostly invisible and the thread was a good match.

I hadn't brought any pins, but that doesn't seem to have had an adverse effect.