September 28th, 2007


Planning time (for those who plan)

It's the first reminder (Ice-cream) that the National Novel Writing Month is close. Real close.

If you're one of those people who write with a detailed plan, or who really want to get that book out, then this is the time to prepare. You cannot write a word of the novel, but you can draw up an outline and make it as detailed or not as you want.

You can ponder characters, setting, theme, hot chicks, or whatever, just not a word of the actual draft.

Now, to emphasise a point This nano will not be a finished novel, hell, it may not even be a proper draft. All you need is 50,000 words. There is no writer's block! If you get to the Caverns of Ultimate Magesty and have a brain freeze, it is perfectly acceptable to type "He beheld the Caverns of Ultimate Magesty. They sure were something. He was kinda awed." and move on. The dazzling descripion of the caverns and it's affect upon your character does not have to be detailed right now. Some of your novel will be uplifting, prize winning quality and some will read like primary school homework. This is okay. What you are engaged in is a typing contest. A speed contest. An outline contest.

Most important of all Do not edit. If you go back and change the word red to scarlet, then that's one less word in your wordcount.

And writing like this does help. When you're finished the nano part, you can rework the story and flesh out the Caverns of Ulimate Magesty parts. It took a long time to edit my first nano attempt, but it was ultimately good and without it, the story may never have been finished. Hell, I'd probably be only half way into it and growing so bored.

Anyway, go, sign up, made impossible writing plans for yourself and end up having to get twenty thousand words done over a weekend. Annoy your friends by pointing out how much you've written and how little they've done.

Sign-ups begin October First!