vuirneen (vuirneen) wrote,

And it's meh

I have absolutely no goo to write. Even during the wednesday exile, when gamers are downstairs, I spend hours surfing the internets, finding nothing. At the very least I should get my wow on. I failed the last circle challenge. Tried my best, and got further than some of the others did, but still nowhere near the 10k mark. Also failed nano, although I was enthusiastic when I finally started, a week late, (at this moment, with 49k to go, I'm calling it.)

There have been distractions - Persona 3 called me for a month, then sunk its claws into me. I have had cold hands and needed a pair of gloves - almost finished. And there's small kitten.

Small, furry kitten got spayed last thursday and has been a staggering, disoriented, hilarious, small, furry kitten with a cone on her head, ever since. SDHSFKWC is sometimes able to manouver about to eat food out of the bowl and sometimes needs to be hand fed. She's allowed on tables to drink out of people glasses and is lifted onto and down from everything. She's sleeping, or resting in laps, as much as possible. She is also, despite displaying her ability to use the litter tray, consistently weeing in the other cat's water bowl. But at least Precious isn't growling at her anymore. That was worrying.

Precious was not like that at all when she was spayed, but she's a quieter, less energetic cat, who didn't have a cone on her head. When we took it off to let SDHSFKWC eat, she was almost herself. But, thanks to Precious, and countless cats like her biteing off their stitches, cones are prescribed for all surgeried kittens.

Anyway, I'd better surf the internets for wedding stuff. We've booked the venue and the registrar for September next year. We have to plan a holiday next year, so that we can fulfill the residence requirement. And I'll need someone to mind the cats.

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