vuirneen (vuirneen) wrote,

After so long...

One of my favourite things to do right now, is wear my cat Nenya as a scarf. She's surprisingly biddable, although she probably reckons that it will gain her affection, which will lead to more food. She puts up with an awful lot of stuff - the only cat I've met that doesn't mind having her fur rubbed the wrong way - and she really likes food.

Precious is far above these things. She gets hungry at dinner and breakfast and that's it.

They have both decided that they missed us terribly while we were away and have unleashed the most ferocious attention storm on us. Somehow, someway, they've learned to share. Precious has been getting a lot of lap time, and Nenya's been jumping onboard when I'm sitting in awkward poses and less catducive.

I don't know if this'll hold up over time and they realise that we're not leaving again, but it's fun at the moment.

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