vuirneen (vuirneen) wrote,

So what's up with V?

Thank you, Cairnsy, for the belated birthday wishes and the drink.

I've not been posting much, but I've been checking my friendslist. I haven't commented much, as I'm way behind you on Bleach. Way behind.

I recently realised that I've written more than I thought I was. There have been no fic, but I've been writing up session logs from the weekly game, more or less each week and I tend to dash off long ones when I really need to write something. Last session is tomorrow, so maybe after that's done, my writing goo will move into another area.

I've written a few non-fanfic pieces as well, and spent a year writing and rewriting one of the Saiunkoku Challenges.

I'm way out of touch with manga. I used to have a file at Forbidden Planet. It was handy, as they'd put aside books for me, since I ordered two magazines. Anyway, I got a message from them one day saying that I hadn't been to pick up my file for about a month and that they wouldn't be able to hold it for much longer. I went down the very next day and found
out that they'd put everything on the floor already and some of it had sold. I didn't go back.

Guess I got out of the habit of browsing and it was a pain to walk down every thursday. (Which you needed to do if you wanted to be sure to get the stuff you wanted).

I have been reading the Haruhi light novels. The second one is awesome, but the third had nothing new in it - it is a collection of short stories that were in the anime. Maybe I'll like it more the second read through.

I've also been crafting. I made a wedding dress last year and right now I'm trying to make stuff for my sister's baby. Anyone got any good patterns?

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