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Finally, she can have her baby!

My sister is due tomorrow. She asked me to make her a baby sling, as she couldn't find any for sale in the shops. I said yes, then went looking to see what a baby sling actually was.

Since I found out I have knitted:

1) A pair of booties

2) A drop stitch baby blanket

3) A kimono style jumper - icord outstanding

4) A pair of socks.

Today, I started with sling one. It's on fabric I picked up at the knit and stitch show - yellow and red check and it's ... done. The thread stands out and the finish is not neat.

Sling two is a fabric that has an ugly reverse, so I put some fleece into it, then rolled the main fabric, so that it would be seen on the tail. Now, I started badly, had it a yard too long and it was so thick at the ring, that I had to wind the machine by hand.

Since I finished it, I've realised that I didn't need to sew up the ring end - and not doing so would have reduced the thickness here by 2. Of course, it is not neat.

Sling three is red. Red is the colour that she wanted and I have thread that matches it really well. Sling three is incredibly neat. It would look really well, if you could see the thread.

Anyway, I'm not redoing the other two - yet - she may return them after I hand them over, but anyway, the important one is finished and I'm finally ready for her to have the baby.

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